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Senior research scientists in geotechnics, roads and railways

Employer SINTEF
Contact person Kjell Strøm or Swein Willy Danielsen
Telephone number 004795198710 or 004773594555
Fax number
Address Sandgata 2, 7012 Trondheim


Description of Company
The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Every year, SINTEF supports the development of 2000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies via our research and development activity.
Business concept
SINTEF's goal is to contribute to wealth creation and to the sound and sustainable development of society. We generate new knowledge and solutions for our customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences.
Technology for a better society.
Our services
We solve our customers' problems through research contracts in the following fields: Health, information and communications technology, marine activities, materials science and applied chemistry, petroleum and energy, technology management and building/construction. SINTEF intends in this way to act as a driving force in the process of restructuring and developing Norwegian society.
In order to ensure that this research is available to society as a whole, we also operate units whose principal activity is consulting. We are also active in testing and certification in a number of areas, not only within the SINTEF Group itself, but also through companies in which we are shareholders and via cooperation with other organisations. These activities make significant contributions to creating added value from the knowledge and solutions produced by our researchers.
We wish to be of use to both small and large companies in our markets. For example, we can help a small-scale gravel producer analyse a rock sample, at the same time as our researchers are playing an important role in developing the next generation of solutions to the problem of energy supply.
By working on a wide range of projects, we are helping to realise our own vision, that of technology for a better society.
SINTEF has approximately 2000 employees, 1300 of which are located in Trondheim and 450 in Oslo. We have offices in Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund, in addition to offices in Houston, Texas (USA), Skopje (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and a laboratory in Hirtshals (Denmark). SINTEF's head office is in Trondheim.

The SINTEF Group is structured into several research divisions, which have been defined in terms of value chains and industrial market clusters. List of research divisions in the SINTEF Group (January 1, 2007:
• SINTEF Building and Infrastructure
• MARINTEK (limited company)
• SINTEF Fishery and Aquaculture (limited company)
• SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
• SINTEF Energy Research (limited company)
• SINTEF Petroleum Research (limited company)
• SINTEF Technology and Society
SINTEF has established the limited company SINTEF Holding to manage SINTEF's ownership of start-up companies and regional development companies. The aim is to professionalise the operation of such companies and to split off our taxable activities from the core activities of our research institutes. SINTEF regards it as an important aspect of its role in society to contribute to the creation of more companies and jobs.

This department deals with areas that we all encounter in our everyday life. These include roads, railways, harbours, tunnels, water supply and soil conditions where we build or travel. In addition to our scientific range, we also possess detailed knowledge of each of these diciplines.
Areas of Expertise
The research group Road and Railway Engineering has knowledge and expertise doing research on building and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

Read more about Road and Railway Engineering
The Coast and Harbour Research Laboratory provides research and consultancy services within most aspects of port and coastal engineering. The harbour studies performed includes both small and large harbours; ranging from marinas and fishery harbours to oil terminals.
Read more about the Coast and Harbour Research Laboratory
The research group Rock and Soil Mechanics is performing research and development in the field of rock and soil engineering, with main focus on construction on soil and rock and utilisation of geological and alternative materials.
Read more about Rock and Soil Mechanics
The research group of Water and Environment possess expertise which can be organised in three areas:
• Water treatment
• Wastewater treatment
• Water and wastewater systems
Read more about Water and Environment

Job title Senior research scientists in geotechnics, roads and railways
Job description SINTEF Building and Infrastructure provides research and specialized consultancy services for most aspects within the geotechnical area, as well as for road and railway construction.
Our activities relating to the Arctic and to the permafrost zone, as well as coastal protection in the northern areas have recently been awarded significant funding as part of a major Centre for Research driven Innovation (CRI). This will call for increased capacity and open several interesting opportunities for candidates who will specialize in this area. Also our project portfolio relating to slope stability/ geo-hazards and to soil mechanics/ foundation in marine (sea bottom) conditions will open opportunities for interested candidates.
We have a broad spectre of on-going activities related to roads and airfields; pavements, materials, maintenance, safety end security, special winter precautions, sustainability and environment issues, new investigation and diagnostic methods. A well reputed team looks for candidates to increase our capacity in this area.
Norway is increasing the efforts in developing its future railway capacity and network. To meet the requirements for research capacity and competence, SINTEF has established a cross-sectoral railway program, which will offer opportunities for first of all well experienced scientists who can transfer experience and knowledge from major railroad projects in other countries.
SINTEF Builiding and Infrastructure has an ambition to become more and more international in its research project portfolio. Already an active player on the European scene, we aim at an even bigger participation in European projects as part of the EU Framework Programs. Candidates with interest and experience in European collaborative research are therefore especially encouraged to apply.

Work tasks:
• Participation in research, development, application and marketing of the department activities
• Conducting fields and laboratory test including data analysis and presentation of results
• Initiate and conduct national and international industry projects
• Initiate and conduct national and international research projects
Education, work experience, language, certificate etc. • You should have an MSc, preferably also a PhD in a relevant field
• You should also have a minimum of 5 years experience preferably from research, or research related activities within relevant consultancy or industry.
The candidate should be a very good team player and be familiar with a number of various software applications. The candidate should be fluent in English and be able or willing to communicate in Norwegian.

Working hours and place of work 0800-1530 (flexible solutions)
Workplace will be Trondheim
Start date (and, if necessary, End date) ASAP
Salary Dependant on skills and relevant experience
Other information • A dynamic and thriving work environment that encourages and rewards innovation and collaboration
• A competitive salary
• Demanding activities and good development possibilities
• Interesting projects, developing cutting edge technology in close cooperation with industry partners
• Pension and life insurance plans
• Flexible working hours
SINTEF is an equal opportunity employer

Last day for application ASAP
How to apply? Contact Idea Rekruttering AS
Send a short application and resume to the email address below.
Contact person/ telephone number Managing Director Kjell Strøm (0047 95198710)

Other information Alternative contact; Swein Willy Danielsen at SINTEF, phone: +47 73594555

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