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Maritime recruiter

Utsira Servicesenter AS ( is a privately owned employment agency for seafarers and provides marine personnel for temporary jobs and permanent positions. With a database of 15,000 sailors and 250 customers in Norway and overseas Utsira Servicesenter AS is one of the biggest players in this field in Norway. Utsira Service is part of the maritime cluster on the southwest coast of Norway .

Our company is now in demand for one or two employees. These are permanent positions as maritime recruiter

We are looking for persons who love working with people and have an interest in the maritime industry, are reliable and proactive and are not scared to take a phone call and use the computer.


- daily contact with seafarers and shipowners

- recruiting qualified personnel to the vacant position with the customer

- Trip Planning

- administration of applications for visas and working permits around the world

- marketing

- coordination of maritime courses on Utsira

Skills and qualifications:

- college or university education

- English fluent, the ability to communicate in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish

- experience in sales, recruitment, logistics can be of advantage

- good computer skills

- no fear of using the telephone

Personal qualities:

- enthusiasm for the maritime industry

- proactive and independent

- enjoy working with people

- structured and focused on quality

- willingness to show respect for clients and candidates

- must deal with stress in certain periods

The company offers excellent training, flexible hours and exciting tasks in a market with great opportunities. We appreciate a good working environment. Utsira Servicesenter is a company with a strong record among shipowners and seafarers. A gym belongs to the company and the guesthouse “Sildaloftet". Spouses or cohabitants can apply for a position in our company. There are also vacancies in the municipality, the kindergarten, the school and the nursing home available. Some residents commute to Haugesund. Utsira is a family-friendly island and most people enjoy living here. For the integration of newcomers the natives have formed an energetic committee to be of assistance when needed. A grocery store, primary and middle school, an ambulance and a nursing home are located on the island. There is are a football- and a volleyball team, a brass band and several charities on Utsira. In summer concerts are held at the lighthouse and frequently art exhibitions are presented. Towards spring the pub and restaurant will reopen. Housing can be arranged and the average rent is astonishingly low in relation to the rest of the country. The ferry sails up to four times a day to the mainland. There is an airport on the next door island at Karmøy with connections to Oslo, London, Spain and Germany.

Contact: Siw Rødne Hansen, personalsjef/HR-Manager

Telephone: +47 94 27 99 87


We are looking forward for your application. Do not hesitate to take contact if you have any questions

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