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NB: We don't want contact with sales-promoters

Employer: Store Ringheim Hotell og Restaurant AS
Address: Mølstervegen 44, 5705 Voss, Norway
Phone: +47 954 06 135
Contact Person: Mr. Svein Ringheim, Phone: +47 954 06 135

Work Place: Voss, in the county of Hordaland, Norway. Info about Voss at">> pictures from Voss at">>. Voss is well known for being a vibrant place where people who have a drive finds a home. The small town, situated just 100km from Bergen, hosts a number of festivals and other arrangements during the year. The most significant is the ¿Extreme sport week¿ in the end of June and the Jazz Festival the week end before Easter. It is the perfect place for people who love outdoor life and culture and a great place for children to grow up in.

About the company: Store Ringheim Hotell og Restaurant is all about a farm yard with beautiful old farm houses that due to the changes in the agriculture in Norway have been transformed and restored to a top restaurant and a tiny but excellent hotel. Our philosophy is to give our guests an extraordinary experience through great service, exceptional food and comfortable and special rooms. Check us out at Tripadvisor and to see what our customers think. Our food profile is to use raw material from as close as possible, purchased or picked in the nature, and make excellent and special food from that.

Information about the position: We are looking for Head chef in fulltime permanent possition for our kitchen. We are a very small organisation and applicants must be aware of that they must do all jobs in the kitchen and be flexible. The kitchen staff will be the head chef and extra help when needed. The position will, within our profile, be very independent, the chef creates the menus, makes the orders, cook, plates and presents the food and maintains the kitchen (keep tidy, organized and clean) We value creativity very much and wish that our new chef keeps up with new trends and reaches for excellence

Position demands: The applicant must have formal education in cooking and min five years of experience and be able to perform all tasks natural to running a kitchen and cook. He/she must be fluent in English or Scandinavian. We also prefer experience in the position as head chef. Its an advantage if the applicants masters a variety of cooking styles and have good skills in pastry and bakery in addition.

Wages: NOK 180- 220 gross per hour in basic wage + extras according to Norwegian labour legislation depending on qualifications and proven skills.
Housing: We will assist in finding a suitable housing, the normal rent at Voss varies between NOK 5000-10000 per month depending on location, standard and size
Family: The employer will assist you if you bring your family.
Application:  Send short application, references and CV pr. E-mail. Diplomas and other papers must be brought if interview.
Work Regulations: Full time, permanent position.
Last application date: 23.06.2014
Start date: ASAP

For more information: call Svein Ringheim at +47 954 06 135 or send email:

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