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Resident Doctor Critical Care

Job Title: Resident Doctor
Area of Work: Critical Care
Employer: Private Hospital
Location: Central London
Salary: £30,000 - £40,000 per annum
Job Type: Permanent
Closing Date: 30/09/2009
Job Description:
Overall Objectives:

To provide, in conjunction with the consultant staff, medical services of the highest standard to the hospital patients which is in accordance with the "Guidance to Doctors", issued by the General Medical Council and with the requirements of the Care Standards Act.

Job Summary:

1. To be part of a team providing 24 hour medical cover to patients and immediate first line resuscitation to any patient, visitor or staff member as required.

2. To assist in the management of patients and provide back-up support to the consultants.


1. The post holder must be fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) to practice in the UK. A copy of a valid certificate must be provided prior to taking up appointment and copies of any renewal certificates as required.

2. Minimum of three years post registration experience

3. Current Certified competence in advanced Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ALS/PALS)

4. Certificate confirming Hepatitis B status/immunity

5. Good communication skills

The post is part of 1 in 4 rota with the participants covering each other for leave, study leave and short sickness leave absence. The hospital will cover 7 days' leave per annum per RMO as an additional cost, preferably covered as bank shifts by the RMO's rota colleagues. This will reflect compliance and in accordance with the Working Time Regulations 1998.

How to make an application
Please send an email to including:
• The job reference in the subject of the email
• A paragraph introducing yourself in the body of the email
• An up to date version of your CV, written in English
• A telephone number and available times for us to contact you
What will happen if your application is successful
Important Notes:
- Throughout each of the below stages, we will provide comprehensive guidance and assistance including step by step instructions on how and when to begin your registration process with the appropriate UK professional body (GMC for Doctors, NMC for Nurses, HPC for Allied Health Professionals).
- We do not charge any fees to applicants, we are paid exclusively by the hospital we are recruiting for.
- We will also contribute towards i) travel costs associated with attending an interview in the UK, ii) fees associated with registering with the appropriate UK professional body, and iii) any other costs incurred. The level of our contribution varies depending on the vacancy and each applicant's circumstances, and will be assessed during Stage 1.
Stage 1) Assessment
We will initially send you an email confirming a date and time when we will be contacting you for an introductory conversation.
During the introductory conversation we will assess:
• Your experience, skills and qualifications relating to the vacancy
• Your availability and suitability to relocate to the UK
• Your understanding of what life is like living and working in the UK
• Your short, medium and long term objectives relating to your career and desire to stay in the UK
• Your English speaking and listening ability
We will then select the best applicants to take forward to the next stage, and provide feedback to those who have been unsuccessful.
Stage 2) Interviews with the hospital
It is likely that the hospital will want to conduct a telephone interview with you before inviting you to attend a formal interview in the UK.
Following the telephone interviews, if you are successful you will be asked to attend a formal interview in the UK.
Once a date has been confirmed, we will organise everything for you including:
• Return flights to the UK
• Hotel reservations
• Travel instructions to the hospital
• Information about the hospital, and the format of the interview

Stage 3) Offers of employment
Offers of employment may be subject to the applicant providing the following documentation:
• Professional references
• An occupational health assessment
• Criminal record check
• Proof of professional body registration
Relocating to the UK
If you choose to accept an offer of employment, we will help you organise your relocation including:
• Recommendations on areas to where to look for accommodation
• Introducing you to fellow healthcare workers from your home country
• Providing you with information to about the city in which are moving to including it's history and culture
• Providing you with useful contacts, for when you arrive in the UK

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