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The labour market in August 2011

The unemployment in August 2011 was 6,7% or in average 11.294 or 129 fewer than in July 2011 with 6,6%.  Due to seasonal adjustment in labour supply of labour the percentage increased by 0,1 percent point.

Unemployment by gender:
Unemployment by men was 6,5% in August 2011 or the same as in July 2011 but down from 7,3% in August 2010.  Unemployment by women was 7% in August or up from 6,8% in July 2011 and down from 7,4% in August 2010. 

Unemployment by age:
There were 1.858 young persons (16-24 years) unemployed in August 2011 or down from 1.930 in July 2011 and down from 2.012 in August 2010.

Unemployment by length:
There were 4.645 unemployed over 1 year in August 2011 or up from 4.554 i July 2011.

 Open vacancies:
There were 448 open vacancies in the end of August 2011 or up from 296 in July 2011.

Granted work permits:
There were 36 new work permits issued in August 2011 or up from 25 in July 2011.

The unemployment forecast for September 2011:
It is predicted that the unemployment i September will not change considerable and be between 6,5%-6,8%.

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News & announcements

7. May 2015

Ertu a­ flytja til Noregs, Danmerkur e­a SvÝ■jˇ­ar ?

Norræna félagið í samstarfi við Halló Norðurlönd og EURES - evrópska vinnumiðlun standa fyrir upplýsingafundum um flutning til Noregs, Svíþjóðar og Danmerkur.

16. March 2015

Hefur ■˙ ßhuga ß a­ starfa Ý Noregi ?

EURES evrópsk vinnumiðlun í Noregi í samstarfi við EURES á Íslandi stendur fyrir starfakynningu mánudaginn 23. mars 2015 frá kl. 15:00 - 20:00 í fundarsal á jarðhæð Centerhotel Plaza við Aðalstræti 4.


25 November 20107.9076.01913.926

A specific proviso must be made in the evaluation of the unemployment rate, for example, about 20% included in the number of these figures are receiving part-time benefits.

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Focus on

EURES helps German jobseekers find new opportunities in the Swiss countryside

Many vacancies in the tourism sector go unfulfilled each year ľ hence a new cooperation allowing German jobseekers to meet potential employers, with the help of EURES.
Text last edited on: 12/2010

EURES Estonia - forming partnerships to protect the rights of jobseekers

EURES Estonia and NGO MT▄ Living for Tomorrow have partnered up to protect mobile jobseekers against fraudulent and abusive employers.
Text last edited on: 11/2010

How language learning can lead to new opportunities

An ongoing cooperation between EURES in the Swedish-speaking ┼land Islands and a Germany-based language school is allowing skilled, unemployed German jobseekers to gain practical experience in a beautiful location.
Text last edited on: 11/2010

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