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In the capital area

Laugavegur 37
101 Reykjavík
Tel.: (+354) 530-9311
Email: aslaug@ahus.is
The Intercultural Centre offers two types of courses. On the one hand, there is instruction that emphasises the spoken Icelandic useful for everyday communication. On the other hand, there are courses which are designed for varying fields of work and are taught at workplaces. The emphasis is on teaching related to the job and to ordinary communication. Advanced courses are also offered.

Framvegis ehf
Síðumúla 6
108 Reykjavík
Tel.: (+354) 581 4914
Email: skraning@framvegis.is
The emphasis is on communication and language that is used in daily life.

Háskóli Íslands - University of Iceland
Nýi garður
101 Reykjavík
Tel.: (+354) 525-4400
Email: hug@hi.is
Icelandic for foreign students
The Department of Humanities at the University of Iceland offers a programme in Icelandic for international students towards a BA degree.

Iðnskólinn í Reykjavík, IR - The Reykjavík Technical College
101 Reykjavík
Sími: (+354) 522-6500
Netfang: ir@ir.is
The New Citizens Programme at IR is a four-semester course for immigrants to Iceland. The course has a double focus; Icelandic as a foreign language and preparation for study on other programmes. The department also provides language support after students have embarked on other study programmes at the school. Courses intended for both beginners and advanced students are on offer. Occasionally the school also offers individual icelandic courses which take place in the late afternoon or on Saturdays.

Kvöldskóli Kópavogs - The Kópavogur evening school
200 Kópavogur
Tel.: (+354) 564-1507
Email: kvoldskoli@kopavogur.is
The evening school in Kópavogur has an Icelandic course for beginners as well as two advanced courses. Instruction deals with grammar along with the spoken and written language. The emphasis is on everyday communication.

Mímir-símenntun - Mímir continuing education centre
Skeifan 8
108 Reykjavík
Tel.: (+354) 580-1800
Email: mimir@mimir.is
The Mímir school for continuing education offers specifically designed courses for speakers with varying first languages. Icelandic lessons are offered for people whose mother tongue is Arabian or Spanish or Russian, for people from Eastern Europe and from the Nordic countries, and for Chinese, Polish, Thai and Vietnamese people. A fast-paced course is offered in written and spoken Icelandic, and there is a wide choice of courses at various levels of proficiency. Both daytime and evening courses are available.

Námsflokkar Hafnarfjarðar
The department of continuing education in Hafnarfjörður
Skólabraut 1
220 Hafnarfjörður
Tel.: (+354) 585-5860
Email: namsfl@hafnarfjordur.is
The adult education school of Hafnarfjörður offers beginner and advanced courses. Generally courses are taught in the evenings, but courses are also offered that are taught in the workplace.

Outside the capital area

Farskólinn - miðstöð símenntunar á Norðurlandi vestra
(North West Iceland)
550 Sauðárkróki
Sími: (+354) 455-6010
Netfang: farskolinn@farskolinn.is
Farskólinn offers beginner course which emphasises on spoken language and two advanced courses in Icelandic for foreigners. The courses are held at various villages in North West Iceland.

Fræðslumiðstöð Vestfjarða
(West Fjords)
Suðurgata 12
400 Ísafjörður
Tel.: (354) 456-5025
Email: frmst@frmst.is
The adult education centre in this region offers not only Icelandic courses for beginners but also two courses for advanced learners. The beginner course covers the basics of Icelandic, and like the other courses builds up vocabulary through a series of themes. The vocabulary emphasised in the first course is that of the family and home, while the second course emphasises vocabulary which is common elsewhere, such as in the workplace, transportation and education. The third course places emphasis on written expression and on vocabulary that is practical for communicating with the public.

Fræðslunet Suðurlands
(South Iceland)
Tryggvagötu 25
800 Selfossi
Sími: (+354) 480-8155
Netfang: fraedslunet@sudurland.is
This centre offers courses both for beginners and advanced learners. Courses are held during the evening

Miðstöð símenntunar á Suðurnesjum
(Reykjanes peninsula)
Skólavegur 1
230 Keflavík
Tel.: (+354) 421-7500
Email: mss@mss.is
These courses emphasise spoken Icelandic and the basics of grammar, and are held two evenings a week for eight weeks. The locations of instruction are in Reykjanesbær, Grindavík, Garður, Sandgerði and Vogar.

Símenntunarmiðstöð Eyjafjarðar
(North Iceland)
Ţórsstíg 4
600 Akureyri
Sími: (+354) 460-5720
Netfang: simey@simey.is

Símenntunarmiðstöðin á Vesturlandi
(West Iceland)
Bjarnarbraut 8
310 Borgarnes
Tel.: (+354) 437-2390
Email: simenntun@simenntun.is
This centre offers courses both for beginners and advanced learners, placing emphasis on vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension. Courses are held during the evening and on weekends.

Viska: Fræðslu- og símenntunarmiðstöð Vestmanneyja
(Westman Islands)
Strandvegur 50
900 Vestmannaeyjar
Tel.: (+354) 481-1950
Viska offers beginner courses and two advanced courses. The first two Icelandic courses put emphasis on everyday language, while the third also teaches grammar. Courses are conducted whenever a total of ten or more people have enrolled.

Ţekkingarnet Austurlands
(East Iceland)
Tjarnarbraut 39e
700 Egilsstaðir
Tel.: (+354) 471-2828, 892-2838
Email: fna@fna.is
This region offers beginner courses and two advanced courses in Icelandic for foreigners. Whereas the beginner course emphasises spoken language, advanced levels place emphasis on reading comprehension and grammar. The courses are held at various villages in East Iceland.

Ţekkingarsetur Þingeyinga - Húsavík Academic Centre
(North East of Iceland)
Garðarsbraut 19
640 Húsavík
Tel.: (+354) 464-0444
Email: hac@hac.is
The courses offered by Húsavík Academic Centre serve beginners or advanced-level learners. Everyday vocabulary, pronunciation, and some grammar are taught in the beginner's course. The advanced course emphasises that individuals increase their vocabulary and attain proficiency in written and spoken Icelandic.

On the internet

Icelandic online - http://icelandic.hi.is/
The Humanities Department of the University of Iceland offers free on-line study material, at a variety of ability levels. The instruction uses both visual and listening material, teaching grammar and everyday language. At advanced levels, there is also instruction on the sociology of Iceland.

Tungumálaskólinn - The Language School - www.skoli.eu

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News & announcements

7. May 2015

Ertu ađ flytja til Noregs, Danmerkur eđa Svíţjóđar ?

Norræna félagið í samstarfi við Halló Norðurlönd og EURES - evrópska vinnumiðlun standa fyrir upplýsingafundum um flutning til Noregs, Svíþjóðar og Danmerkur.

16. March 2015

Hefur ţú áhuga á ađ starfa í Noregi ?

EURES evrópsk vinnumiðlun í Noregi í samstarfi við EURES á Íslandi stendur fyrir starfakynningu mánudaginn 23. mars 2015 frá kl. 15:00 - 20:00 í fundarsal á jarðhæð Centerhotel Plaza við Aðalstræti 4.


25 November 20107.9076.01913.926

A specific proviso must be made in the evaluation of the unemployment rate, for example, about 20% included in the number of these figures are receiving part-time benefits.

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Focus on

EURES helps German jobseekers find new opportunities in the Swiss countryside

Many vacancies in the tourism sector go unfulfilled each year – hence a new cooperation allowing German jobseekers to meet potential employers, with the help of EURES.
Text last edited on: 12/2010

EURES Estonia - forming partnerships to protect the rights of jobseekers

EURES Estonia and NGO MTÜ Living for Tomorrow have partnered up to protect mobile jobseekers against fraudulent and abusive employers.
Text last edited on: 11/2010

How language learning can lead to new opportunities

An ongoing cooperation between EURES in the Swedish-speaking Ĺland Islands and a Germany-based language school is allowing skilled, unemployed German jobseekers to gain practical experience in a beautiful location.
Text last edited on: 11/2010

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