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How to find a job

How to find a job in Iceland

There are a number of ways to go about job searching, but it is a good idea to start looking for a job before you move to Iceland. Visiting the EURES Job Mobility Portal is a wise first step for job seeking in Iceland:
All vacancies from the Public Employment Service in Iceland are published automatically in the Job Mobility Portal. This can be a great advantage, but also a drawback as they are in Icelandic. It can be confusing to see many job advertisements in a language that only few understand. We have tried to solve this:

Some of the job vacancies are marked with the EU flag and are translated to English or in exceptional cases to Scandinavian languages. Other vacancies are in Icelandic. The EU flagged vacancies mean that speaking Icelandic is not a must and/or the employer wants to recruit from other EU/EEA countries. 
Steps to take:
search for a job,
select location: Iceland,
you see "Show Vacancies Created - Last week"
you adjust it to last week, or last month (or even all), then you can look for those vacancies with the EU flag and English text.
When you have found a job opportunity that interests you, you follow the application instructions.

NB: EURES is for EEA-citizens only (the EU plus Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland).

Here are some other ways to job search in Iceland. For best results, you may wish to use all of the methods listed below.

-Employment agencies [ráðningarþjónustur]: You may, free of charge, register with one or many professional employment agencies. They will tell you what information you need to have readily available. For instance, a curriculum vitae/résumé, certificates, diplomas and references. Here are links to useful websites where available vacancies in Iceland are advertised:

The Directorate of Labour/ Public employment service -http://www.vinnumalastofnun.is/storf-i-bodi/


Recruitment agencies and useful websites:

Alfreð - http://alfred.is/

Capacent  - https://radningar.capacent.is/

Job.is - http://job.is/is/

Hagvangur - http://www.hagvangur.is/forsida/

Starfatorg –  http://www.starfatorg.is/

Störf.is - http://www.storf.is/storf/index/index#.Um48r3C8Ato

Vinna.is -http://vinna.is/?PageId=e4c103cc-281b-4feb-9bf6-1755124bb11b

HH Ráðgjöf - http://www.hhr.is/

Talent.is -  Ráðgjöf - http://talent.is/index.php?option=com_n-talent&Itemid=49

HH Ráðgjöf http://hhradgjof.is/

Tvinna - http://tvinna.is/

STRÁ MRI- http://www.stra.is/default.asp

Stúdentamidlun  - http://www.fs.is/studentamidlun/

Atvinna.is - http://www.atvinna.is/browse-by-category/I%C3%B0na%C3%B0arst%C3%B6rf/-

Ráðum- http://radum.is/

Intellecta.is - https://storf.intellecta.is/wd/plsql/wd_portal.list?p_web_site_id=2484&p_function=map

Nínukot -  (Jobs in agri- and horticulture, tourism and child care)

Vinnumiðlun ungs fólks (Recruitment agency for young people)



Visir.is - http://visir.is/section/RAD#kat=2

Mbl.is - http://www.mbl.is/atvinna/


Municipalities around the capital area:

Kópavogur- http://www.kopavogur.is/stjornsyslan/vinnustadurinn/laus-storf/

Hafnarfjörður - http://www.hafnarfjordur.is/thjonusta/tilkynningar/atvinna/

Gardabær - http://www.gardabaer.is/

Reykjavík - http://reykjavik.is/laus-storf#job

Mosfellsbær - http://www.mosfellsbaer.is/stjornkerfi/mannaudur/laus-storf/

Seltjarnarnes -http://www.seltjarnarnes.is/stjornsysla/starfsmenn/ibodi/


-Read the [classified] advertisements in the local newspapers: The three largest papers in Iceland are Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið. The employment section comes out on Saturdays and Sundays, but there are often daily advertisements. Sometimes it pays to put in your own advert for employment. Note that almost all job vacancies are in Icelandic.

-Phoning and visiting: If you know what kind of business you want to work for you may want to call them directly or visit them and ask if there are any jobs available.

-Contact local branches of your professional or trade union [stéttarfélag, verkalýðsfélag]: They have information on the current employment trends within your profession and may give advice on where to start looking.

-Contacts: Tell everyone you know in Iceland that you are looking for employment. Word-of-mouth via family and friends often gives good results.

To see an example of a traditional Icelandic CV press here.

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25 November 20107.9076.01913.926

A specific proviso must be made in the evaluation of the unemployment rate, for example, about 20% included in the number of these figures are receiving part-time benefits.

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